Does your business need help?

I go through UpWork on an almost daily basis, I look through trying to find businesses who need my kind of help, and reach out to them for contracts. What I have found is that there are a lot of small businesses that really just need a trusted advisor to help them navigate the complex

Angbert Enterprises looking for Funding

This week we started a Fundable page, we really need any help you can be in getting our fundraising goal of 200k. We need the money to cover some expenses, but mainly we need it so that we can hire a programmer to work on ManagePro 13.x – 14.0 Please if you can help either

Angbert Enterprises has updated its web page

If it has been a while since you visited our website, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.  We have completely rebuilt our site, and now you can find our newest offering ManagePro on the site as well. Come take a look, and see how we are doing, If you are interested in our latest

Angbert Enterprise buying ManagePro software

Angbert Enterprises just finished the deal to purchase ManagePro software ( ManagePro is a software that helps people manage all sorts of things but mainly projects.  It gives the user a better perspective on who, what and when, as you track a project.  It is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook, so instead of having to

Bad Information About Linux and Foss

As you all know I am a great proponent of Open-source and Linux. Each week I look around the web for news stories about it, looking for something I can write about. This week I found an article on Tech Republic from a writer that according to his BIO is very knowledgeable in Linux and FOSS,

How the SMB is left in the cold

I have been trying to come up with some really good info on all that Angbert Enterprises is working on, and kind of came up with this idea. How the SMB is being under-served. What do I mean by this? I was at a potential clients site the other day, (I was there as a

Is Linux really dead on the desktop???

I was reading an article the other day claiming that Linux on the desktop is dead.  By that, what they were saying is that businesses were not going to move to Linux as a desktop platform because of software constraints, and administration of the Linux Desktop environment. I really do not understand this thinking.  Here

Angbert Enterprises now offering an ERP solution

Angbert Enterprises will begin offering to its customers an ERP solution. An ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, this is an application that is used by a company to track Sales, Inventory, Human Resources, Billing, manufacturing, and even Point of Sale including bar code scanning. The solution that Angbert Enterprises has decided to