ManagePro Learning Center

2. Topical-based Training Documents

3.  Topical-based “How to” tutorial Videos (each video starting in the 3rd group is 5-10 minutes in length)

  1. 5 Steps to Create an Environment for Improved Performance within Organizations (2 part series)Part 2 of 5 Steps to build an environment for improved performance
    1. Check-in Your Assumptions. And how to “Create Visibility around Plans, Value and Results”
    2. Documenting and Measuring. And how to Leverage Reviews, and Response Recognition
  2. How to Turn Around Performance – a 6 part series
    1. Tell the Story of Why, What’s to Lose,
      What’s to Gain
      Turn Around Performance Series
    2. Build Engagement and Buy-in
    3. Manage (Leverage) Information… so that it serves you
    4. Use a “Brain Friendly” Approach to Project Management
    5. Building a Culture of Accountability & Consistency Using Scorecards
    6. Developing a Constant Reference to What Creates Value
  3. Covey Video Series
  4. Getting Things Done Series
  5. Adding Documents in ManagePro; An over-view of the basic steps required to attach documents in ManagePro.
  6. Outlook Integration in ManagePro; An over-view of MS Outlook integration features in ManagePro, including dragging and dropping email from Outlook into ManagePro and assigning as a progress update, to-do or event.
  7. The Timeline View in ManagePro; An over-view of the Timeline or Gantt chart view in ManagePro and how to work with-in it.
  8. How to Use the Analytics View; An over-view of setting up the pivot table and graphical display.

4. Working With ManagePro Print and Advanced Options

Note the video’s below are recorded with older versions of ManagePro and in some cases are incomplete. For current info also view the online online help file

  1. Print Options and how to access them; Addresses the three types of print options, differences between them and how to access the ManagePro Print Options
  2. How to Run a Quick Report; Addresses working with Quick Report Print Options, Configuring Layout, Including Related Data Options, Print Preview and Exporting Reports
  3. Refresh, Reset Sort Order, Find and Search, Add, and Import from MS Outlook Email right-click menu options found in the
    Main Workspace Outline View.
  4. Importing records directly into ManagePro (Import CSV), Exporting records from ManagePro to MS Excel (Export), Delete and Undelete records in the ManagePro GAPR Outline View.
  5. Expanding and Collapsing records, Copy and Pasting records from one location to another, and Editing Details in the ManagePro Main Workspace Outline View.
  6. Multi-edit right-click menu options which enable you to make changes to the ownership, (Creator), assignments (Who), goal types, set scorecard parameters (Score Configuration), and push repetitive processes into the future (Adjust Tree Dates) to a range of records at once.
  7. Strategic Plan options which enable you to identify goals as Strategic Plans, link initiatives and objectives to those plans, use the Strategic Highlight filter to quickly display them. We also illustrate how to work the ManagePro Timecards so that you can track hours allocated against actual hours, and show you how to push records from the Outline View directly to your calendar buy using the “show in calendar” option.
  8. High-level Print Options and View Configuration right-click menu options.

5. Working With ManagePro Email Options – A Series of Tutorials illustrating how to use ManagePro email options (Email Ins and Outs).

  1. Part 1: General Preferences addresses how to set-up your email default program preferences so you can begin to use the ManagePro email options.
  2. Part 2: Email In addresses how to import email from MS Outlook to ManagePro for the purpose of associating project related documents, progress updates, to-do’s or events. A great way to manage information and associate it directly to project specific records.
  3. Part 3: Drag and Drop addresses another method used to bring email into ManagePro from Outlook
  4. Part 4: Email Out addresses how to email ManagePro data i.e., goals, tasks, progress updates, to-dos, events, and documents directly from ManagePro manually using the right-click menu option or Auto-Save.  A great way to  collaborate and share information with others.
  5. Part 5: ManagePro Synchronization with MS Outlook addresses how to set-up your Outlook preferences and determine which data types you want to sync., i.e., goals, to-dos, and/or events. Describes and illustrates the actual synchronization between ManagePro and MS Outlook.

6. Working with ManagePro Customization Features addresses methods used customize Views and Fields. This series includes:

  1. Part 1: View configuration which addresses how to add and remove fields on a View, Cloning existing views, Filtering views so that a range of records that meet your criteria are displayed on the view. How to access View Configuration on GAPR Views and Windows. -done, uploaded and available.
  2. Part 2: Customize fields which enables you to work with and rename user-defined fields, configure them on View and Details Windows.
  3. How to Restore a Configured ManagePro Database; Addresses how restore a copy of your ManagePro SQL database.
  4. Working with ManagePro Preferences addresses the settings that define how features and functions behave. This tutorial walks you through most if not all of the ManagePro preferences that for example control the appearance of ManagePro, if time is displayed with goal records or not, enabling alerts so you can be notified when Events and/or To-dos are due, Displaying Tips or resetting them, defining decimal places for numeric and percentage fields, enabling automatic backups to occur or changing the back-up folder, defining default progress update categories for dragged and dropped email, Hiding the time associated with To-dos and Events, Email preferences to define your default email program, calendar work day preferences, along with User data preferences such as setting progress update display ranges and hiding To-do and Event “done” items.
  5. Setting Up User Visibility and Editing Rights control the ability to permit or deny use of rights to see or use specific functions in ManagePro. This tutorial addresses three easy steps to set-up new users and how to grant User Visibility and Editing rights and explain the difference between them.

7.  Installation Guides & Technical FAQ

  1. Server Requirements for Hosting ManagePro middleware – Includes requirements and configuration needs for
    ManagePro and MProLite users
  2. How to Set Up a PC to Share ManagePro
    11 Databases with a local Workgroup

    This document describes how to confiure a PC with ManagePro 11 instato function like a server for a small work group and share its ManagePro database with other workgroup members through its firewall (no server is required in this shared db configuration).
  3. How to Set Up a Shared ManagePro Database in Work
    Group mode on a LAN Server
    This document addresses how to set up ManagePro on a LAN server in “Workgroup” mode to provide access to a shared ManagePro SQL database to users operating with WorkGroup or Standard edition copies of ManagePro over a LAN environment.
  4. How to Install ManagePro Cloud on Apple iPad This document will instruct you on how to install Citrix and ManagePro Cloud onto your Apple iPad device.
  5. Note: Help topics are found within ManagePro by clicking the Program Button in the top left corner|Help includes step-by-step instructions to use ManagePro features and functions.

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