Angbert Enterprise buying ManagePro software

Angbert Enterprises just finished the deal to purchase ManagePro software (

ManagePro is a software that helps people manage all sorts of things but mainly projects.  It gives the user a better perspective on who, what and when, as you track a project.  It is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook, so instead of having to make manual updates to your project based on emails you receive, this product can take of that for you.

As a user of MSProject, and having to do many updates to my old managers; I can tell you this product will blow you away!!!

As of now, the pricing structure is out of date, and we will be making changes to that.  But if you want to give it a try, please download the 30day trial, and make sure you send us your information and when the pricing structure changes we will help you to get the product licensed.

Keep an eye on my posts for further updates as this deal just closed last week, and there is a lot of backend work I am doing to make the transition.