Why using G-Suite (Google Apps for Business) is becoming the best solution for any size business.

When I first became a Google Apps for Business reseller (now G-Suite), I looked at it as a great platform for a small to midsize business to use to save money and get some really great features. As it turns out these features are fantastic for any company of any size.

I have worked for many companies over the years and the one thing that always is an issue is TCO of email and email storage. When the IT department discovers that they keep having to upgrade the NAS because people are keeping too much email, they start putting data limits on the inbox size, and have to spend money on archiving solutions, because now they have to be able to retrieve emails going back to certain dates because of possible lawsuits. Well, G-Suite has you covered, the basic G-suite solution is $5.00 per month per user and comes with 30GB of data space, and I have heard of users retaining over 100,000 emails and not using half of their allotted space. For the larger businesses, you can go to $10.00 per month per user, and get unlimited space. The larger space also comes with features that will cover Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, such as Vault for eDiscovery that covers email, chats, and files, an archive of all emails and chats sent by your company, and you can even set retention policies. The costs for all this in an in-house solution can easily be in the $300.00 or higher per year on an in-house solution such as Exchange. This one key point should sell you on G-Suite, but there is so much more that it offers.

If you are a small business, you may not need voice and video conferencing as much, but if you have divisions, and offices all over the country or world, integrated video conferencing can save you money in travel and other expenses. Again, in the companies I have worked for, they have conference calls with teammates on all sorts of subjects, and these companies pay for conference services so that they can make these calls. With G-Suite, it is integrated within Hangouts, and it is already included in the Basic $5.00 plan, nothing more to pay for, nothing needed to be added to your IT budget.

Collaboration, I cannot tell you how many times I have worked on a document with one of my teammates, and played the I sent you the update email back and forth. This email game in itself leads to excessive emails in storage. With G-Suite, you can collaborate on live documents, meaning that all the team members on that conference call above can have the same document open at the same time and can add or subtract from the document live, and they all will see the changes. It does not have to be during that meeting, it could be any time. There have been so many times in my corporate life where I am collaborating on a document, and I need to make a change and my collaborator has gone to lunch with the document open, now it is locked, and I can’t make my change til they get back. Not with G-Suite, if it is open you can edit it, and when the person gets back they will be shown what was changed, who changed it, and when. This is especially great when your team is working on a spreadsheet that needs to be constantly updated.

Administration, for those of you that are like me that have been administering computer systems over the years, you will really love the ease of administration of G-Suite. Adding users and groups, managing devices, and making sure your data is secure is so simple with G-Suite. There is also a Google Cloud Directory Sync, that allows you to make sure your G-Suite domain and your Active Directory domain are in sync. This sync never makes changes to your AD, and has features to make sure that the data is accurate on the cloud side.

There are so many other features in G-Suite if you are interested in knowing more contact us at www.angbertenterprises.com