How the SMB is left in the cold

I have been trying to come up with some really good info on all that Angbert Enterprises is working on, and kind of came up with this idea. How the SMB is being under-served.

What do I mean by this? I was at a potential clients site the other day, (I was there as a customer) and I had helped the son of the owner with a pretty simple math problem in a spreadsheet. What I knew was that when he took my order he did it in Excel, but that order was not connected back to any other process as near as I could tell, so I asked him if they had looked at an ERP solution for the business. He asked what it was and as I explained it to him, he told me that they had just paid some really large amount of money to upgrade their QuickBooks.

I asked him, why he did not use QuickBooks to input my purchase order, and then be able to turn that into my receipt etc, he really had no answer other than he really had no idea about how to fully use it. So, I offered to help them work with QB, and get them set up, so that they have a better handle on inventory, PO’s, Invoices, etc.

Now I really wish that I had talked to him sooner about this, because I would have moved him to ERPNext, this would have saved him at least two thousand dollars, plus he would have a system set up for his needs that would be able to track his inventory and all other parts of his business. Now because he spent so much money already, I may not be able to get the job, because it is a hard sell to to an SMB, “you bought that for X amount of dollars, now you need to spend this much more to really use it.”

This is why I offer Open Source solutions to my clients, except for the possible cost of purchasing some hardware, the only thing they will be paying for is my support for getting them set up and running, and if they want maintaining their systems. In the end the TOC is thousands of dollars less than the commercial software, especially when we are talking about the SMB,but this still applies to larger entities as well.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us, we do not charge while gathering requirements, find another consulting company that says that.