Bad Information About Linux and Foss

As you all know I am a great proponent of Open-source and Linux. Each week I look around the web for news stories about it, looking for something I can write about.

This week I found an article on Tech Republic from a writer that according to his BIO is very knowledgeable in Linux and FOSS, here is the link to the article:

In the article, he is telling people about how they can use Linux as a domain controller but is quick to point out that it will only be an NT4 domain controller. Well who would want to build an NT4 domain controller and put it on their network, it would be very counter-productive.

The thing is he is right, the way he built the server it would be an NT4 domain controller, but if he had just downloaded Samba from Sambas website, and gotten the latest version, rather than using the version in the repository of his Linux distro, he would have actually had a Windows 2003 domain controller.

He goes on to say that this would not be an Active Directory domain controller, again why would anyone really want that.

I commented to the writer that if he had just taken a bit more time, he could have had that Windows 2003 Active Directory domain controller. To me, that would have been a better promotional story for Linux.

I am rambling a bit, I guess my biggest problem with what gets reported about Linux and FOSS is sometimes old news, and because of that businesses are in the dark about what Linux and FOSS can do for them.

So what I am asking my readers for is if you run into an article that seems to show Linux and FOSS in a substandard way, let me know about the articles, and I will see if I can give you a better and more modern take on the problem.