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  • Do you get your work done through others?

  • Get hundreds of emails a day?

  • Is your schedule booked with meeting after meeting?

  • Is it difficult to find time for creative, strategic thinking?

If This Sounds Like You, We Understand – It’s A Lot to Keep Up With and Still Deliver

  • What are you supposed to do?…
    Glad you asked, we’ve got a tool designed specifically for your situation

Keep track of everything that crosses your desk

As you may be aware, most people in management get sucked inot managing by meetings and Power Point presentations.  This leaves a lot of gaps in the management of your team and projects.  ERP, and project management tools can help, but given the people dynamics involved they don't always produce better collaboration.

Plan your work and work your plan

You want your people to be productive, and keep their projects moving forward.  ManagePro is the tool for doing just that.  Not only is it a project management tool, but its other features offer you a way to 

Have true Vision into your projects

You put a lot of time into knowing what your people are doing and when, as well as needing to know when a task is sipping behind. With ManagePro, you will have better insight into what your people are doing, and can be more proactive if tasks are slipping.

ManagePro Apps

ManagePro Standard

ManagePro Management Software 

ManagePro Cloud

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ManagePro Cloud

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