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We are technical consultants, specializing in PC Support, Business IT support, and Pre-sales consulting.

What we offer is a way to save money on your desktop and server needs as well as email web and collaboration requirements. We can help you discover your requirments, make a design around those requirments, and then implement that design. We follow ITIL standards in all of our work.

We are partnered with Google Apps for Work, we can eliminate the need for your business to have to purchase and maintain your own email server, this option allows you to have collaboration services that can increase your productivity.

If you feel that you want to have physical server to maintain control of your email, we can build a Linux or Windows solution to handle this.

If you are looking for an Active Directory type solution, without the expensive licensing costs of a Microsoft server, we can build you a very cost effective Linux solution for this as well.

We also offer an ERP solution using ERPNext, and Apache OfBiz.� Both are Open Source ERP solutions that Small to Medium sized businesses can use to manage their companies more efficiently.� They are a web based applications that can be run on your own server, or in the cloud.� They cover financial accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, human resources and more. ERPNext is currently used in over 1000 companies in over 130 countries world wide. and OfBiz is maintained by the Apache institute, and Apache runs almost all the web today.

On the desktop we offer a stable environment that will practically eliminate virus threats, and will save you money on licensing costs. We do this by offering Linux on the desktop. Linux has been proven as a world class operating system with governments around the world (including the US Dept of Defense) moving to it because of its stability, and threat protection.

Linux can also be run on much older hardware than its competition, allowing you to keep your hardware costs lower, by reusing hardware rather than replacing it.

If you are still in the need for a Microsoft Windows solution we can offer you comprehensive services on that platform as well; including, Widows desktop, and Windows server, and other Microsoft consulting services.

We are a comprehensive solution provider, offering Debian Linux, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Linux, and can work with you on any of your IT needs.

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